A high touch 6 month coaching program that will take you from anxious, overwhelmed and discouraged to thriving and grounded in all aspects of your life. 

We'll explore everything from your lifestyle habits to your emotional well-being to career and friendships. You name it! Bring it all to the table my friend.

Adulting can feel hard but with the right support, it can truly be fulfilling and, dare I say it, enjoyable?!

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Feel like your quarter life crisis is lurking around the corner? Anxiety is on the rise and you just can't seem to manage the stress? You shouldn't expect yourself to know how to navigate it all on your own!  

Life while learning who you are as an "adult" is confusing, weird, overwhelming AF, and often d i s c o u r a g i n g!  

Transitions and change can be hard at any stage of life, but especially when you're trying to piece together every area of your life all at once. There are so many ups, downs and new scenarios to navigate that no one ever really warned you about, right? 

Were you painted a picture that if you went to school and succeeded in college, you'd have everything set when it was time to enter "the real world?" Ya, I hear you! You've been guided through everything you should be doing up until now. Suddenly you're left with tons of questions, so many different options and you're supposed to somehow just "know" what to do. 

For most of us, that isn't at all how things play out... Cue the paralyzing self doubt, self hatred, anxiety driven, unhealthy life approach.

Not so fun, I get it and I've been there. For a long time, I stressed about meeting society's definition of success and being perceived as perfect. I struggled becuase although I was checking a lot of the "right boxes," I couldn't shake this feeling that I was failing. Something was wrong and I wasn't happy.

But then something shifted. I made a commitment to living a life that felt fulfilling and inspiring and joyful - I was going to figure out what that actually meant and looked like TO ME. I started to try new things. I made it my mission to get to know myself so dang well. Personal growth and my well-being became a much bigger priority. I started implementing new experiments. I started paying attention to how I was spending my time, who I was spending it with and how that made me feel. I learned new approaches to some of the inevitable stressors in life like finances, my career, family dynamics, relationships, health - you get the gist. Not to mention doing this work while moving around the country 4 times in 3 years. The transitions seemed NEVER ENDING.

I created a morning routine that fuels my soul. I implemented practices that helped me feel calm and grounded no matter what was going on externally. I started having more honest conversations. I learned how to set healthy boundaries. I understood how to advocate for myself, my needs, my dreams. I started to feel really clear on who I wanted to be. I was proactive and kind to myself and over time that confidence I was seeking developed organically. 

But it didn't come without intention, support and consistency. I found myself a coach to open up new doors. I read books and listened to podcasts. I made the time. I made a commitment to myself and I started exploring. 

My guess is that if you're here reading this, you're ready... 

You’re motivated. You know you need a change. You know there has to be so much more for you and your life. YOU ARE RIGHT MY FRIEND. 

No more sucking it up to get by day after day. Say so long to checking boxes on other people's priority lists.

I work with young adults who are sifting through this confusing stuff that comes up in the transition to adulthood. In a time that feels overwhelming, uncertain and scary, I can help you navigate this period of life more smoothly by cultivating a deeper level of self worth, self understanding and self love. Utilizing science backed skills and tools, you truly can navigate these big life changes with ease and grace!  

Imagine how good life would be if you started to consciously create your best life NOW instead of waiting until you’ve spent a few years pounding the pavement and dreading each new day.  

Seriously. Think about what that life would look and feel like.


Here's what coaching actually looks like...

It's a tranformative experience where together we'll take a look at your life as a whole. What's working? What's not working? Where are you feeling held back? What more are you needing to feel aligned, connected and fulfilled? 

We'll meet privately via video chat in session to unpack the hard and confusing things in life as you build a life you truly, truly love. It's a welcoming space where we'll work through the tools and skills that will help you on your journey. Whether you're working on managing anxiety differently, moving to a new city, changing your career completely, setting healthy boundaries with difficult people, building more self confidence and self worth, or figuring out how the heck people seem to get 8 hours of sleep (??)... we can work on it. It's often the small details that make up a life! 

Imagine having someone to talk to who isn't your parent or your friend, someone without bias to allow YOU to explore what you want for your life. There's no pressure and certainly no "shoulds." No judgement but the opportunity to flesh out your frustrations and fears. It's the accountability you've been lacking and the space you've been needing to create your own happy, fulfilling life! 

This is how you develop that self confidence and self worth you've been craving. 

The juicy details

  • Private 1:1 Coaching Calls - We'll use these calls to talk through the biggest struggles and stuck points you're up against. From anxiety to career to relationships to finances, this is your space to bring anything and everything to the table. Your place to work through the hard shit no one is helping you with.Six months of up to 3 coaching calls per month via Zoom video chat. Each call is 50 minutes in length. 
  • On-Demand Voxer Support - You know those times when wish you just had someone to bounce your thoughts off of during a challenging situation? Need some further support processing through something we talked about in session? Imagine how much easier it will be having a coach essentially in your back pocket all day long. 
  • Shared Google File - A sacred space to circle back to our notes from session, share resources and work through your intentions and practices in-between sessions. You'll often find journal prompts, link to articles/videos and recaps from every single hour we spend together all in one place!
  • Access to my Content Vault - Ever want to dive deeper into a topic outside of session? I have been curating a content library exclusive for my client base that expands on topics I coach on most often to help my clients really expand their knowledge base. 

Oh, and you'll get me, your coach, ALL IN...

Hey! Have we met? I hope by now you're really starting to understand that you don't exist just to suck it up and get by. I believe in my core that it is possible for you to live life in a way that has you feeling grounded, fulfilled, easeful and confident. 

I know what it's like to feel lackluster and discouraged in life. I know what it feels like to be exhausted 24/7 and on the brink of burning out/melting down. I know how yucky it is to be stuck in the same old patterns and feel limited with no way out. It's debilitating. 

Throughout my years of training both as a psychotherapist and certified life coach, I've sat with thousands of clients as they find clarity around who they are and how they wish to be in the world. 

I promise to show up each and everyday for you, navigating stuck points, managing the uncertainty of it all and celebrating huge wins with you. Imagine what it would be like if 6 months from now you felt clear, happy and grounded in your life, in who you are? 

Let's get started! Registration is limited!


How it works...


Fill out your client application and book your free consultation call! You'll be guided through some questions before booking that will provide more context for our call. You'll have time to think through what would be most helpful to explore together.


The free application call is an opportunity for us to get to know each other. I'll learn all about your world right now, where you're feeling stuck, and where you want to be. I'll share about ways that we can work together. No obligation. No pressure. No sales tactics. Two people getting to know each other & seeing if we are a match!


If it feels like a good fit, I'll follow up with next steps to secure your place with a deposit and initial set up! Schedule your first session, get instant access to the content vault, add me on Voxer and check out our shared file set up. Let's get this ball rolling!

Here's what my clients have to say...

Katie, 24 -

Before working with Chelsea, my life was me unknowingly living everyday in survival mode, using whatever worked (healthy or unhealthy) to get by. It included a whole lot of ignoring emotions, ALL the negative self talk, and coping skills/self care practices that weren't actually working. 

I was hesitant that if I met with anybody I was going to have to be vulnerable for anything to improve. The HELL YES was when I told Chelsea that, and there was absolutely no judgement, and continued to be no judgement even when I was making really poor decisions at the time. With a previous therapist I didn't get a no judgement feeling and no-showed after three sessions.

Chelsea laughs with me a lot which makes the whole process easier and allows me to laugh at myself (when its appropriate of course). It helps me not dread talking about the hard stuff. I never really paid attention to more holistic practices as an implementation to everyday life but it has been SO helpful. The fact that it's little things I can do everyday has brought a lot of empowerment. Chelsea isn't afraid to call me on my shit. "But is that really fine?" Is something I ask myself a lot now. The email access is really nice because it helps with accountability, like if I know I need to talk through something but I'm nervous I won't commit and bring it up. It's a really great added support if I am really struggling with something.

My life is still hard and messy and complicated for sure, but I feel so much better than I did a year ago this time. I'm way less anxious, getting to know myself more, and actively working on living a life that I enjoy and I'm not just trying to get through. A few months ago I couldn't of set boundaries like I have, I couldn't allow myself to feel anger or sadness, and I wasn't taking any risks or opening up to people. Now I definitely feel all of the feelings and self-growth is possible in a way that I didn't even consider before. I'm also able to be more gentle with myself and that wasn't in the realm of possibilities before. And again, I'm able to be grateful now for the things I do have and what's to come while I continue working.

Shelby, 27 -

Before working with Chelsea my life felt stagnant and dull. I felt like I could be doing so much more, but I didn't know how to get there...or where to even start.

Chelsea is extremely easy to talk to and really open/accepting/loving, so I never felt like I had to hold back or sugarcoat things when I was working with her. I also really valued her insight, which was SO powerful and spot-on. I've been in and out of therapy for years, and I can honestly say our one-on-one conversations were more productive than a lot of my therapy experiences.

Now I dedicate more time to self-care, I've solidified routines that work really well for me, and I'm more motivated to do things like apply for jobs (I've now had 4 interviews total!), sign up for volunteering (my first shift at the FoodBank is next week), and invest time in hobbies (I picked up rock climbing recently and love it). I'm a lot kinder to myself and have a lot more self-compassion. My self-confidence has increased (I'm no longer as nervous to approach people or try new things), and I'm more aware than ever that self-awareness and insight can only get you so far...the rest comes from ACTION and doing things that often feel uncomfortable but actually really help us out in the long term.

I’m more open to new people, places, and things. I’ve met friends. I’ve gone on dates. I’ve tried a lot of activities that would’ve otherwise intimidated me. I’m more outgoing…the list goes on and on. I feel like a better, happier, more optimistic, more self-aware version of myself, and I can genuinely say I’m on the path towards loving who I am, despite my flaws. It’s a long journey, that’s for sure, but now that I’m on the path, it doesn’t feel nearly as scary. And so much of that is because of Chelsea, so THANK YOU!!

Abby, 26 -

In the months before we began working together, I started having anxiety attacks for the first time. Anxiety runs in my family, and I knew I wanted to get on top of it while it was still new for me. I really started feeling the pressures of adult life and going full-time with entrepreneurship. I definitely felt scared about opening up about these topics and feelings! I had worked with one coach before, but it was more nutrition focused. I had met Chelsea once in person and followed her on Instagram. I just loved the content she was putting out there. It all rang true for me and I felt like she understood what I was feeling and how to help. I also appreciated her background in therapy. 

Chelsea is a treasure trove of techniques and knowledge about stress, anxiety, and self-criticism! I can throw any thought, feeling, or situation at her and she has so many helpful and supportive things to say or suggestions of things I can try. I've created a toolkit for myself of all of the methods & tools we've talked through, and I reference it often. Chelsea also always offers me a new perspective, even if it's a hard one for me to swallow! Most importantly, our sessions feel so comfortable- Chelsea puts me completely at ease when we're chatting about not-so-easy topics!

I am better at communicating my feelings to the important people around me- something I have struggled with my whole life! I check myself on my self-criticism and recognize what's going on there much more often. I've started using meditation, movement, journaling, and self-care that feels really good for me daily. I feel so much more in-tune with how I'm feeling and what's going on inside every single day. I feel more empowered to handle my anxiety and stress when it comes up. I have a more positive, experimental perspective with work-life balance.

Chelsea is incredible at what she does! Working with her has truly changed my life in so many ways. She has given me so many tools and has been the most supportive ear. If you are feeling the pressures of young adult life, don't hesitate to work with Chelsea!


Frequently Asked :) 

>> How do I know coaching is for me? What if I'm not "bad enough?"

We don't wait until we're super sick to start seeing a medical doctor, do we? I like to think of our mental and emotional well-being in the same way! There's no such thing as "bad enough." Chances are if you're having the inkling that it might be helpful to elicit some external support, there's a reason for that. We don't have a lot of space in the hustle of everyday life to think about our lives intentionally, to explore different ideas and to process through the hard parts. If you're ready to look within and get to know yourself really well, if you're ready to be challenged, if you're ready to feel more confident and assertive in your life, coaching is THE place!

>>I'm scared of making this investment in myself. Is it really worth it?

Here's the thing, I know this is a financial investment. I also know that money and finances are a significant aspect of our well-being! I can remember how terrifying it was the first time I made a big investment in myself and my well-being. 

Now, I can't promise you that after this program, life will be absolutely perfect and each day will be absolute bliss - but I can promise you that you will have the tools you need to navigate the consant ups and downs that life throws your way. Imagine you could actually trust yourself to handle whatever came your way? When anxiety popped up, you know how to navigate it in a really healthy and loving way. When you don't get the job you were hoping for, you know how to love on yourself and pick yourself back up to continue moving forward. You finally have the confidence to make the social circle and support network you've been craving, etc. 

The possibilities are truly endless when you know how to approach your overall well-being, when you feel grounded, empowered and loved. What would that be worth for you? 6 months from now, this could be YOU! 

>>What is the difference between coaching and psychotherapy?

I started my career as a traditional psychotherapist and I have so much love and appreciation for that field. I have my masters degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Johns Hopkins University and am a National Certified Counselor. I often infuse the skills I learned as a therapist with my coaching approach. I also received training in coaching and am a Board Certified Coach.

Here are the main differences between coaching and therapy:

Coaching is present and future focused. In the work, we'll take a look at where you are right now and where you'd like to be. You'll engage in long term thinking and goal setting - you'll learn how to hold yourself accountable! My approach is science based and holistic. We'll look at all facets of your life and well-being to help your grow and develop as you move forward.

Therapy is often focused on healing the past, processing trauma and unhelpful repeated behavior. The focus is centered around the past. That being said, in coaching we will still explore parts of the past as that makes us who we are, but the sole purpose of the work is on the present/future!

>> What are some concerns/results of past clients?

- Going from daily panic attacks to less than one/month

- Changing from a dead end job to one that feels fulfilling and inspiring

- Moving from a city where I felt stuck and limited to the city of my dreams

- Finding the partner I've always dreamed of while honoring my needs and values

- Developing true self compassion and kindness. Learning how to be nice to myself which makes navigating difficult moments so much easier.

- Debilitating anxiety now feels managable and I have many different ways to work with it

- I have clarity around who I am and what I want for my life rather than feeling overwhelmed by all the expectations and pressure from outside sources

>> Do you offer payment plans?

Yes. I offer monthly payment options and am happy to chat with you about this!

>> Do you accept insurance?

I do not accept health insurance at this time.